Golden Star Fruit Winners

Audrey Logan: mix it into cake batter, let them cut up the veggies(empowerment) make into fun shapes for dipping

Garrett Everett: Chili, stew and other sauces!

Madelaine Dwyer: Shred carrots and add it to tomato/pasta sauce; mash steamed cauliflower in with your mashed potatoes

Allyssa Soke: i have had lots of success getting my homework club students to try new veggies by sitting down and eating with them.

Khalin McGiffen: Smoothies. Call it candy.

Curtis Robert: dehydrate them, powder and then add to anything!

Dan Moroz: I used to give my girls a cup of frozen peas to eat before a meal, they liked them. Also, they liked cucumber slices, so those were served before the meal too. That way, I didn't really care if they were picky eaters during dinner, they'd already had some good stuff.

Allison Slessor: dip them in chocolate! or tell them that's what the dinosaurs eat raaaarrrrrrr!!!!!! every kid wants to be a dino, make it a dino platter!!


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