Golden Star Fruit Winner

Audrey Logan: Verry Pretty :)

Food For Thought
Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians
Golden Star Fruit Winner

Aisha Entz: What a great question! It will bring peace because I believe where there is hunger, there is violence and/or war!

Food For thought
Dead Prez - Hell Yeah

Golden Star Fruit Winners

Eden Rhiannon: fav fruit is mango... fav veggie is aparagus lol
Rainbow Tubesox: Strawberries & broccoli :)

Food For Thought
Maria Mango - Life is so Good

Golden Star Fruit Winner: 

Signe Knuston: Somewhere in the middle

Food For Tjhought
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Hey Diddle Diddle to the People in the Middle

Golden Startfruit Winners

Signe Knuston: We can beet the odds!

Mady Krishnan: Lettuce all join together!

Signe Knuston: Peas and Lovage!

Mandy Krishnan: Peas and hominy!

Signe Knuston: You’re Arougala comedienne, Mandy! We must Romaine diligent.

Mandy Krishnan: Corny as always

John Lemon: Give Peas a Chance