Golden Star Fruit Winner

Audrey Logan: my native tea plants, good for more than tea!

- Diggin Roots – Plant the Seeds

Golden Star Fruit Winners

Food For Folks: A Community Garden for the Commons on Parliament Hill to set an example for food security across the Nation!

Audrey Logan: Ciy Hall, for unjust legislations that create food insecurity and for 'council to do it"!!!! get their hands dirty the clean way!!

Food For thought
  The Food Security All-Stars – Greenin’ Tha Gutter
Purging the soil of contamination
Planting seeds in a bed of desolation

Bursting the gutter with new vegetation

Self-sufficiency, culture and pride incarnation

What doesn’t kills us makes new generation!

New technology or new innovation

Hands in the dirt with new determination

It's agriculture based on co-operation

We produce enough to feed our population

Enough for all forever, our polit
ical foundation
Food security we push for legislation

Public health and safer communities a social innovation

Entrepreneurship and gardening a prosperous realization

So Here’s and invitation

Break the isolation

Plant for the commons with no hesitation”

Golden Star Fruit Winner

Adrian Alphonso: Hosting a local Farmers market with entertainment for families.

Garrett Everett: Sustainable rockin'! We've been having a semi-monthly coffee house for fundraising and it's a fun time!

Food For Thought
Of Mexican Decent – farmers’ Market of the Beast

Golden Star Fruit Winner

Tyson Cormack: Time to get Dill

Food For Thought
Beastie Boys: Thyme to get Dill

Golden Star Fruit Winners

Jimmy Goatcher: I'd be crossed with asparagus, which would give me the power to make your pee smell funny.

Anna Sigrither: A very tired banana-bicycle hybrid

Ida Sawabe: An avocado, for superhumanly healthy skin

Food For Folks: I may also consider being spliced with a banana and having a banjo on my knee so I could play the bananjo.

Food For Thought
Just finished reading a science fiction novel by H. G. Wells written in 1896 about genetic engineering called The Island of Doctor Moreau, and it got me thinking about the genetic modification of food. What are your thoughts on the genetic modification of food? This movie is also amazing.

Golden Star Fruit Winner

Ida Sawabe: uncontaminated sashimi

Food For Thought
Rancid - L.A. River (Acoustic)

Golden Star Fruit Winner

Audrey Logan: Verry Pretty :)

Food For Thought
Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians
Golden Star Fruit Winner

Aisha Entz: What a great question! It will bring peace because I believe where there is hunger, there is violence and/or war!

Food For thought
Dead Prez - Hell Yeah